Level 3 sex offender wins lottery

Over Christmas, I had to remove a broken television that someone literally threw in my driveway. This is just an assumption, but my address is listed on the sex offender registry and there are plenty of people in this world who would use it for malevolent purposes. Could have been an accident, who knows….

I almost had to register as a sex offender because I mooned a school bus on a dare when I was in high school 17 years old. Your thinking is absurd at best.. See your classifying all sex offenders as dangerous and people that stalk kids, when in fact that is not true. Sexual Predators are the ones that are convicted of abusing kids, not sex offenders. Educate yourself before making judgement. Salam for everyone in Israel, as well as a lot of other countries, the age of consent is as low as 14 for sex and marriage.

Do we impose ourselves on them as well?

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The clean heinie is proof of the Rape and Gratification. The laws are written so broadly that Our kids can be taken away forever, I am Guilty of getting my wife pregnant 6 times, Our Living children are the proof of the dirty deed! I pee standing up I am guilty of GSI. I hold my own Junk! If anyone could benefit from the lotto it would be a sex offender!

Why not released murderers? I think could push this cause which in turn may cause people to rethink registries altogether!? Particularly canada!? Imagine if a Sex offender won the mega millions or powerball!? I have to disagree with you Phil on group therapy. I was convicted of having the 9 year old daughter of my girlfriend touch me.

Sex predator wins $3 million in lottery jackpot

I was advised to plead no contest, and most likely would get parole since there was no ejaculation, or intercourse and it was only one time. Instead I received 5 years in prison, back in , being arrested in While I was in prison, I entered 2 group therapy sessions with licensed therapists. One being a workbook group. It helped me understand why I did what I did, when I did it and what was going through my head. I gave me the knowledge as to how not to even approach these thoughts and feelings again in my life.

Sex Offender and Lottery Winner Held in Abuse Charges

Once leaving prison but still on parole, I was entered into another group session again with licensed therapists. It was like the military, designed to get you emotions stirred up and then break you down to understand how you would react in a moment when you are emotionally charged. I learned even more from this group. And near the end of my parole I and a couple of others, started our own group by request of the DOC in my state. As I got off paper, or parole, I stayed with the group for another 8 months. And that is why they were put into our group. There was one other group I was in while I was in prison.

It was for felons that were sexually abused while they were children. All these groups helped me understand my life as it was, and helped me be a better person today. Like I said, it has been over 20 years since my conviction and 16 years since I got off parole. What I do hate though is the idiotic and stupid sex offender laws. The residency restrictions are just feel good laws.

The being on the registry for life is another one. I was released as a level 1, in other words very unlikely to ever commit another crime. That was determined by the DOC and law enforcement of my county.

Those who have investigated the specifics of my crime. They would know. Yet they are trumpted by politicians who do not know me, but feel that I am a threat because the state statute states that anyone who has sexual contact with a child under 11 is guilty of first degree sexual assault of a child. It does not matter what happened, only that the victims age was 11 or under.. So if a guy exposed himself to her, or he raped her repeatidly, he is looked upon the same.

No difference. In , the statute was rewritten. I asked what I did to warrent being labeled a sexually violent person, and they said nothing, we just rewrit the law and included you into it because you fall into that 11 year old or younger statute. I think these registries need to be looked at on a case by case basis. And I also think that the age of the sex offende needs to be looked at also.

Page 2: $57M Mega Millions lottery winner is sex offender with criminal past | Lottery Post

I am now getting close to the age of I have developed stage 4 Carcinoid Syndrome Cancer. It is not curable and my days are numbered. I cannot work, I am weak and rarely get out of my house anymore. Since my release from prison 16 years ago I found a wonderful woman to marry, being married for over 11 years now.

Uxbridge sex offender who won $10m in lottery is arraigned on new charges; judge sets bail at $5m

I had found work immediatly since leaving prison. And eventually got back in to my work field. But in , things started to go south with me and my health. I am disabled now with numorous conditions and also now with the cancer.

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  5. Yet with all this, I am still considered by the state and society to be a danger to them. I have done nothing but be a model citizen since my release. But that does not matter. My wife and I never been on a honeymoon. We cannot go anywhere outside of the country.

    We cannot go on any crusies, and if we are in any state for more then a few days I have to register in that state as a sex offender. I cannot stand for more then a few mins now and I am in constant pain. I would like to do things with my wife before I die.

    But because I am told that I am a sexually violent person, I cannot. Our society is very very flawed. Because, lets face it….. Many of them are homeless and commit other crimes just so they have a roof over their heads at night. This site seems protect sexual predators and demonize victims. Congrats people will continue hate you more. My friend who was sexually abused found this site extremely offensive and just hates you all more.

    Confused, this is admin. No where do we negate the plight of the victim. No where do we advocate for anyone breaking any law or harming another person. No where do we feel that sexual crime should go unpunished. This is what we advocate for: laws and policies that are grounded in facts, need, and evidence; based on research, a law-enforcement only registry ; and policies that support the successful rehabilitation and reintegration of former sex offenders into a law abiding society. Thank you for your interest in our site; please keep reading, and remember that the posts here are from individuals just like you and may not reflect the views of RSOL.

    If sex offenders cannot win the lottery, and thus have no reason to buy tickets, that is arguably doing them a favor. Lotteries, at least as run by U.

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    Of course, sex offenders should have the same opportunity to waste their money as anyone else. The teenager was in my Bible study class, I purchased a Bible for her. Our D.