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Commerce Township Assessing Department

This document is required by the STC for proper sales verification, and provides additional information about the sale of property which is not included in a recorded deed or property transfer affidavit. The property owner will also be asked to schedule an appointment with one of the staff appraisers for a physical inspection of the property to verify it's condition at the time of sale.

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On March 15, , Michigan voters approved the constitutional amendment know as Proposal A. The amendment was designed to limit the growth in property taxes by the consumer Price index CPI until ownership in the property was transferred.

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Did you purchase a home this year? Click here to gain a better understanding of what may happen next year with your property taxes. Custom maps can be produced for a fee.

The tax is computed upon the full consideration of the transfer. For other exemptions see the appropriate Act. The reason for the exemption must be shown on the face of the document.

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Box , Fairlawn, OH Nothing on this website should be considered a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Options are: Address, Name and Parcel Number.

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Enter the Street Name spelled correctly. To search a single address, place the Street Number before the street name.

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If looking for an address range, enter a number from and to. In most cases the Street Direction will not be necessary.