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However, this does not mean that the actions of the parties prior to a divorce are irrelevant. For example, whether one party engaged in adultery can be considered by a court as it makes various decisions and determinations throughout the course of a typical divorce. Simply put, adultery is defined as voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and another who is not his or her spouse. If the other person is also married, then that person is also committing adultery.

In Florida, adultery is technically a crime although it is rarely prosecuted. So for example, suppose Russell and Janelle are married to one another. Russell has a girlfriend, Kami, that Janelle does not know about. Russell and Kami frequently have sexual intercourse. In this case, Russell is committing adultery by having sexual intercourse with Kami.

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Kami is not guilty of adultery — even if she has a boyfriend or is in a committed relationship — as she is not married note, though, that if Kami was married, she would also be committing adultery by engaging in sexual intercourse with Russell. A closer question may exist if, for instance, Russell and Kami only engage in oral sex. Note that divorcing parties are considered married until they are pronounced divorced by the court.

In other words, a party does not become divorced just because he or she has filed for divorce. This means that any sexual relationship a party engages in during the pendency of the divorce is technically an adulterous relationship. Divorcing parties should be careful about using marital assets to support such a relationship during the pendency of the divorce.

Her divorce petition should allege that the two of them are not compatible, and she will be entitled to a divorce.

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In general, Florida courts will divide marital property between the divorcing spouses in a fair and equitable manner. This usually results in both spouses being awarded property that, in sum, is generally of a similar value. The court has a great deal of discretion in making this division, so long as the parties are treated in an equitable manner.

In most cases, the wrongdoing of one party during the course of the marriage does not impact how the court chooses to divide the marital property. For instance, the fact that the husband was lazy during the marriage or the wife withheld herself sexually from the husband will not likely impact the manner in which the court decides to split the marital property. Adultery, however, can have an impact on the division of the marital estate depending on the nature of the adulterous relationship.

In some adulterous relationships, for instance, the adulterous spouse spends large amounts of money buying his or her paramour extravagant gifts. Or the adulterous spouse may financially support his or her paramour to the detriment of his or her spouse and family. Where the adulterous relationship has caused some sort of injury or harm to the non-adulterous spouse, a court can take this into consideration and award the injured party a greater share of the marital property. For example, suppose that during the course of the marriage and without the knowledge of Janelle , Russell sold several antiques and expensive jewelry that Russell and Janelle acquired during the marriage in order to pay the bills and expenses of Kami.

When a couple divorces and the couple has children, the court must make decisions concerning parenting time, visitation schedules, and who will be the primary residential parent.

For instance, a parent who is an alcoholic can threaten the physical safety and well-being of a child; a parent who constantly yells at his or her child or belittles the child may pose a mental hazard to the child. In either event, the court can take these facts into consideration when ordering a parenting time schedule. A parent may find that his or her parenting time is reduced — or, in some extreme cases, eliminated entirely — if the parent presents a threat to the best interests of the child.

This, in turn, can result in the court awarding less parenting time to the adulterous spouse. Alimony or spousal support can be awarded by the court to one party where there is both a need for spousal support by the receiving party as well as the ability to pay by the payor spouse. This, of course, requires the court to examine the financial situations and circumstances of the parties. Where one party has caused financial harm to the other party because of an adulterous relationship — typically through spending marital assets to support the adulterous relationship or providing gifts to the paramour at the expense of the spouse — the court can take this into consideration along with other statutory factors.

For instance, suppose again that Russell and Janelle are married and Russell is involved in an adulterous relationship with Kami. During the course of the marriage, Janelle saved a substantial portion of her income in a joint savings account. Both Janelle and Russell had access to the savings account, even though Janelle was the only one who contributed to the account.

During all of these interesting career moves, Lamarr also got married several times. The actress tied the knot at 18 to the third richest man in Austria, Friedrich Mandl, who was notoriously unhappy with her role in Ecstasy. He was also reportedly very controlling and she eventually escaped the relationship in , according to Haaretz. Lamarr did this by disguising herself as a maid. Lamarr married again in to screenwriter and producer Gene Markey, and adopted a son with him. They got divorced in and she moved on with actor John Loder. She married him in and had a daughter with him before divorcing in She went on to marry Texas oilman W.

Howard Lee and later divorced him in Her last marriage was to Lewis J. Boies who was her divorce lawyer, but the two also divorced in Lamarr was single until she died in Tony Curtis R. The actor has had a long career and an interesting journey in regard to his love life. His first wife was Psycho star Janet Leigh, but they divorced in after 11 years of marriage and two kids. The split reportedly happened because Tony Curtis was having an affair with Christine Kaufmann, who he later married.

Curtis and Kaufmann got divorced in so Curtis moved on, marrying Leslie Allen later that year. Curtis and Allen had two sons before getting divorced in His fourth wife was Andrea Savio, but the relationship ended in divorce in His fifth wife was Lisa Deutsch who he married in , a marriage that only lasted a year.


Same-sex marriage in Florida

The two stayed married until he died in The Golden Girls Touchstone Television. You know her as Maude on The Golden Girls, a character who often casually dated. In real life, the actress has had several marriages and divorces. Her first marriage was to Tom Bish in and they had a child together, but the marriage only lasted a year. She then moved on to Norman Hartweg in and the relationship ended in divorce in Her third husband was Peter DeMaio who married her in The two divorced in Her fourth husband was Gussie Sam Fisher, who she married in , but that relationship also ended in divorce.

Her fifth marriage was to Tom Keel in , a marriage that only lasted a year. That split was pretty tough on McClanahan and changed her outlook.

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If the tabloids want a story, I could make up one a lot better. However, she did marry again, this time to Morrow Wilson in They stayed married until she died in The rockabilly singer and pianist has also had a long road when it comes to relationships.

His relationship with his first wife, Dorothy Barton, only lasted 20 months before they divorced.

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The second marriage lasted four years. His third marriage was to year-old Myra Gale Brown, who was the daughter of his cousin.

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This led to a huge controversy that ruined his career. Their marriage lasted 13 years, and they had two children together. His fourth wife was Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate, who sadly drowned in their swimming pool. Afterward, he married Shawn Stephens, but three months later she died from a methadone overdose. His sixth wife was Kerrie McCarver and they were married for 20 years before divorcing. In , the performer married again, this time to Judith Brown who was previously married to his cousin. Pryor starred in many movies including Silver Streak , The Wiz , and more.

His stand-up specials are also pretty iconic and show how brilliantly funny he was. His first marriage was to Patricia Price in He then went on to marry the dancer Shelley Bonis in The two had a daughter together named Rain, but they later divorced in He then married actress Deborah McGuire in , but the couple divorced the following year. Pryor then re-married Belaine again in only to divorce her a second time. He then remarried Lee and was married to her until he died.

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So what exactly caused his relationships to be so tumultuous? There have been multiple domestic violence allegations against him from his ex-wives.