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We are fed up of these people phoning Post by Anonymous. You will get an ulcer Post by Anonymous. To start the update process please call at total free number : Post by Anonymous. Pleasant, Ontario, and began work as a construction engineer for bridge building firms in the Buffalo, New York, area.

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Drafting a pleasing design was slow, tedious and uninteresting work for an engineer, and I devised a railing of attractive design which could be made by the juniors who ordinarily were only able to make tracings. McIntyre, was seeking an engineer for the company and had asked instructors at the college for recommendations.

The faculty recommended Brunton and he accepted the position. He arrived in Colorado in June , and remained a life-long resident. The team left Denver June 25 and arrived at their destination in August. Early snows closed the pass and prevented the arrival of winter supplies, so after the establishment of a basic camp, the team hiked out, passing through five feet of snow at the summit before reaching Pueblo in November. Brunton would later recall this trip in a published article in the Mining and Scientific Press.

Just a few years after arriving in the West, he had secured additional positions as a mine manager and as a consulting mining engineer. He added, Engineers were scarce, examinations and investigations were offered freely, therefore I naturally fell into the work of making examinations and investigations in widely separated localities, which gave, not only a widened experience, but an acquaintanceship with the operators and mines of the different districts that has ever since proved extremely useful.

He stated, Leadville was the Mecca for adventurers of all kinds, and everything was crude; ore was being shipped as rapidly as transportation facilities would permit, or as fast as it was treated by small local smelters. Leadville continued to grow with mushroom-like rapidity.

One of the first things I noticed was that the surface ore, especially on Carbonate and Fryer hills, carried little or no lead and could be treated readily by what was known as the Washoe process, a method for extracting silver developed on the Comstock.

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Taylor and I built a mill in California gulch for treating this material, which we operated successfully for a number of years. After the operations of the mill were so stabilized as to require little metallurgical attention, I began engineering work for different companies in Leadville. Later I was made manager of the Colonel Sellars mine, which at that time had the largest output of any mine in the district. Taylor began in when they formed the Brunton and Taylor Milling Company. The firm constructed its first sampling plant at Leadville, and later plants in Cripple Creek, Colorado, and in Utah and Nevada.

In , he received two patents for his innovations designed to increase the efficiency of roasting furnaces designed to heat ores to assist in removing impurities such as copper, silver and gold. He also invented a new balanced camshaft for stamp mills and patented his ideas for improving the treatment of roasted ores through a leaching process.

The varieties of ore sizes made accuracy of sampling difficult, so Brunton then implemented sampling though use of a timed interval in his new invention. Their Denver home was described as elegant, with many beautiful works of art and every modern mechanical and electrical device for the comfort and pleasure of its inmates.

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Brunton is a prominent member of Denver society, admired and loved for her refined accomplishment and the noble qualities of her mind and heart. Only one, Jack, would initially focus on mining engineering, before changing that focus to raising livestock. The Mining Law introduced the apex law, which had great impact on the major mining districts, and due to the complexity of the veins and underground workings, litigation was common. In August of that year he began serving as a consulting engineer for company lawsuits in Aspen.

At this time the mines in Aspen had come into prominence and the dispute between the different owners had culminated in a number of import apexsideline lawsuits. When I entered the room in fear and trembling, expecting censure for sins of omission or commission on the stand, I found the sideline mine-owners of the district all there. Throughout the s and s, Brunton continued periodic work on mining lawsuits in Colorado and Montana, serving as the lead on many cases on behalf of the mining companies, as well as preparing witnesses, providing testimony, and developing specialized models to assist in the litigation.

Brunton hired a geologist, Horace Winchell, who, along with Reno Sales, helped to develop the ground-breaking mine mapping techniques pioneered by the Anaconda Company and its full department of engineers and geologists—a model later adopted widely by the profession. His maps, made for litigation, also led to economical control of mining and the discovery of additional ore bodies.

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Verbal descriptions of mine-workings convey little or nothing to a man who has never been underground. In some suits, the attorneys deliberately challenge and reject from the jury a man who knows anything about mining, under the plea that he is probably already biased for or against the apex-sideline law, so that such juries are necessarily composed of men unacquainted with mining. As these men know nothing about mining law, and care less, they generally decide a suit in accordance with their sympathies, which are always with the side that they understand best; hence the necessity in a mining suit for introducing models, colored maps, and anything that will enable the jury to visualize conditions better than they can from verbal descriptions.

He said, In apex sideline lawsuits models generally form a most important part of the exhibits.

The old stereotyped forms answered well enough for many purposes, but each new lawsuit generally brings up some novel point in law to illustrate which an entirely novel method of visualization is required. This was especially the case in the Black Rock vs. This was accomplished by means of a vertical sectioned block model, each section sliding in grooves on a smooth cast iron base, made with absolute accuracy and a total disregard of expense.

When the case was tried the model was so useful in explaining every phase of the contest, that the judge insisted on having it directly before him continually, and, in fact, before the suit was over the model had become the storm center and winning feature of the contest.


According to Brunton, round logs cost approximately half the cost of squared timber logs, and have double the strength. However, round logs are difficult to frame and therefore squared framing was common. Brunton developed a method of framing round logs with square tenons that could be adapted to timber of many sizes.

Brunton first patented the new round timber method in , developed his round timber framing machine, and later patented improvements to the method in The original working machine, however, proved to have a few problems and required some adjustments to the original plans. Brunton described, We found on starting the mill that this device [a specialized part] was non-operative, and the block, under this impulse derived from saws having a peripheral speed of over two miles a minute, would go flying through the sides of the building, and, of course, nobody dared to go anywhere near the back of the machine.

The difficulties continued, however, and Brunton stated, Another trouble developed a few hours after the machine started. Two of the saws which were driven by bevel gears cut from solid steel forgings and highly tempered, hammered down as if they had been made of lead. We had expected them to wear rapidly and had quite a number of extra gears shipped with the machinery, but were not prepared for any such rapid destruction as this.

On taking the matter up with some of the prominent gear manufacturers, one concern succeeded in making for us nickel chrome steel, heat tempered gears, which not only ran with great smoothness but would last for two or three months. This, of course, ended our troubles and the big framing plant.

When I first began the examining of mines an engineer was obliged to carry a small satchel full of instruments; I rebelled at carrying such a load and endeavored to devise a single instrument that would perform all the operations necessary in ordinary mine examinations and reconnaissance surveys. I want one. It also allowed, for the first time, one person without a tripod to compile these needed measurements, instead of a team of two while in the field. His patent application described, The object of this invention is to provide an apparatus or instrument by means of which surveyors and others may take sights above and below the horizontal.

In the ordinary surveying compass provided with sights, it is not possible to take the reading of the needle while looking through the sights at a The Brunton Pocket Transit William Ainsworth Business Card undated.